What to Expect at this Year’s Veg Fest

By Megan Kizer

This January marks the second annual Arizona Vegetarian Food Festival. 

Located in Scottsdale, the Veg Fest will offer many fascinating speakers, presentations, events, and food for you to fall endlessly in love with. We are so excited to be attending this wonderful event again! As such, we’ve made a list of things you can expect to see on January 9 and 10. Take a look!

-There will be over 65 vendors/exhibitors attending this year. That’s a lot of food, merchandise and information for you to adore! Last year, Green Living’s booth was a major hit! Make sure to visit us to say hello and snag the current issue of our magazine.

-Health and Wellness doctors, authors doing book signings, chefs offering cooking demonstrations, yoga instructors, and the like will be available to talk to and ask any questions you may have.

-There will be different areas around the park for you to visit, depending on your interest. Activities for kids, a yoga area, vegan alcohol, and an ask-the-wellness professional corner will be waiting for you, to name a few.

-Several world-class speakers will be in attendance, including our very own Editor-in-Chief Dorie Morales! She will be presenting on Saturday from noon-12:20. Speakers are scheduled on different stages at different times throughout the event. Make sure to grab a copy of the schedule so you can sit in on one of your favorites.

-This year’s Veg Fest has gone completely vegan. That means that are no animal products in sight! They want to show how delicious and varied a cruelty-free lifestyle can be for those who are thinking about becoming vegan.

-Food sampling and discounted meals from vegetarian and vegan restaurants and food companies will be available.

-Eco and animal welfare information tables will be set up for you to learn more about what it means to be socially aware and eco-conscious.

-The Veg Fest has chosen Mercy for Animals to be their designated charity this year. A raffle will be held to benefit them. Two free entries into the raffle will be given to those who have or will purchase VIP tickets.

-Bring cash! Tickets are $20.00 online or $25.00 cash at the door. The Veg Fest only accepts cash, although some vendors may accept credit cards as well.

-Parking is free in several parking garages located around the Scottsdale Civic Center Park.

-Expect to have a great time!