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"Treat others as you wish to be treated."
-The Golden Rule

This rule is known throughout all the world, in every teaching, religion and worldview.

Very simply, we believe 'others' is not exclusive to our own kind, but includes all sentient life.

Being vegan is about recognizing suffering and then actively doing something about it. It is about discovering our compassion for others, our surroundings and ourselves. There are several reasons for going vegan, but none compare to rejecting the cruelty of the industries that exploit animals for testing, clothing and food. While we understand that veganism doesn't eliminate all suffering, it does in fact remain the single greatest impact any given person can make in mitigating it.

This brand is for both the current and coming generations that will remain steadfast in defying the culture of cruelty, and in ending the unspoken suffering that our fellow earthlings endure.

This isn't a label. This is about being unapologetically, relentlessly and defiantly... compassionate.

It's about being VEGAN AS... 

VEGAN AF donates 10% of your purchase to variety of non-affiliated animal activist organizations. During checkout, you will be presented with a selection of organizations to choose from, each with their own specialization. Your purchase will contribute to the funding of activism through policy, investigations and awareness. We want your purchase to represent a shared participation, and hope, in the work that's being done now. This is our collective effort in being the change we want to see. For sharing in this journey with us... Thank you.